Step-by-step Guide (updated Today, 29TH SEPTEMBER,2022)


1) First of all you need Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash wallets. I prefer to use because you will have both wallets in the same account, but you can use wallets of your choice like coinbase etc.

Link for registration:, etc.

2) You need to have at least 0.006 BTC (about $100) in your blockchain wallet or other preferable wallets. I would recommend you start with 0.026 BTC (about $500+ or more, which would give you good money from the first exchange and subsequent exchanges faster.

3) Then you need to exchange 0.006 BTC or more to bitcoin cash using this exchanger
. Their rate on etherum is the best so far. Right now, 0.006 BTC ~0.1455 ETH (View exchange Office license)

Attention! Don't try to exchange less than $100 BTC because the minimum deposit amount for exchange is $100 BTC. The system won't allow you to exchange less than $100 BTC

How to exchange on :

  1. (A) Fund your coinlivemarkets account with bitcoin from $100 and above. Send your payment to the bitcoin address generated by the system and the amount you sent will reflect on your dashboard immediately.
  2. (B) Once your account is funded, click on exchange and enter the amount you want to exchange from BITCOIN to receive ETHERUM.
  3. (C) You will see where you will enter your etherum address. There is just small commission for this exchange. That's how the company makes their money.
  4. (D) You will receive the Ethereum after the 1st confirmation on BTC network; it takes about 10 minutes.

4) Now you need to exchange Ethereum back to Bitcoin using the exchanger Right now, 0.1455 ETH ~ 0.01 BTC (Click "Exchange" button on the on the main page of the website to see exchange directions)

5) So you earned ~ 0.004 BTC (about $78) profit per one cycle of exchanges!

5) So you earned ~ 0.004 BTC (about $78) profit per one cycle of exchanges!

6) Repeat this process 40 times and your profit will be more than 0.16 BTC ($3000+)

This is my main Blockchain wallet:

And the best thing is that you can repeat this unlimitedly! If you start with a larger amount of BTC, profit will be higher! and have referral programs. You earn 0.25% after your referrals fund their accounts for the exchange transaction. My referral link for is
and my referral link for is

You can do the exchanges on the two websites without using my referral links, but please use my referral link to register in appreciation and as gratitude for leaking this secret and life changing opportunity! Don't be ungrateful human being! Do what is right!! Also don't earn alone, tell your family and friends.

Exchanges rates can change everyday, so earn now!!

If you have any questions, you can send me an email to